Ren Cycles Ivan CX


More bike than we deserve.

This is the same frame currently ridden by just about every crazy fast
singlespeed racer in Portland. But better. Because it’s a special
edition with a bunch of flashy shit you can only do to titanium.

The first Ramones album came out 40 years ago yesterday. You know full
well that it was the first punk record.  Punk is old and so are your knees. Titanium is forever – it’s not some disposable material like aluminum or plastic or your liver or a placenta.  For a forever bike – you need this one.  The Ramones never would’ve guessed that a gravel bike is different than a cross bike is different than a rain bike or that you wouldn’t be able to put a derailleur on your single speed when you get your walker delivered by Amazon Prime drone service. Why you wanna confuse the Ramones? Not cool.

This is THE bike.

Go ahead, put 42’s on it. Run gears, or don’t.  Belt? Sure. Fenders? Yes please. Need a bike to bail you out of jail. Hold your hair back while you’re barfing?

We’d recommend you get the chef’s choice anodized model for that. Your current bike won’t love you forever, not like this.


2x/1x/SS compatible cable routing. Di2 ready. Gates Carbon Drive™ compatible.


Won’t rust. Won’t delaminate in the sun. Won’t recycle into beer cans.


Fender eyelets and bridge mount. Downtube 3rd water bottle mount. Rack mounts.


This bike will outlive you. And let you add gears as your body slowly falls apart over the years.

As a proven band of screw ups, we’ve tried hard this year to surround
ourselves with the best of the best, and hide behind their talents. It
reminds me of something my mom used to say, “Please stop embarrassing
me.” Following that theme, our bike this year is way too good for us. We
don’t deserve to offer it to you. But we are.

The Ren Cycles IVAN CX frame with custom SSCXWC16 PDX contrasting
anodized / bright brushed / matte blast graphics. I like this bike more
than my own child.


49 / 52 / 55 / 58 / 61cm


Custom SSCXWC16 PDX contrasting anodized / bright brushed / matte blast graphics. Each frame a color surprise. Every one different from the rest.


:: Headtube: 44mm — Compatible with 1-1/8″ straight or 1.5″ tapered steerers.
:: Tube Set: 3al-2.5v oversize titanium.
:: Seatpost Size: 31.6mm
:: Bottom Bracket: T47
:: Brake Mount: Low Disc
:: Di2 ready internal construction.
:: 2x/1x/SS compatible cable routing.
:: Gates Carbon Drive™ compatible.
:: Convertible 135QR/142TA dropouts.
:: Top pull and down pull front derailleur compatible.
:: Fender eyelets and bridge mount.
:: Downtube 3rd water bottle mount.
:: Rack mounts.
:: Black anodized front derailleur barrel adjuster.
:: Black anodized front derailleur pulley.
:: REN Cycles headbadge.
:: Non-transferrable 5-year warranty.

Go faster

Repeat Sea Otter Classic SSCX and Masters CX winner.

Shift your setup around

Frames include everything to run gears.
Clears a 42mm tire (forks too).

Do fun stuff after the race

There’s no need for a SSCX bike, a rain bike, a bikepacking bike. Ivan does all 3.

I've Heard Enough. I'll Take One!

Head over over to the Ren Cycles website. Be sure to tell them we sent you to get your custom finish.

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